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  Specialist Web Services

The web has already become a major marketing and operational tool and is ideally suited to collecting research data - be it your external web site or your intranet/extranet. Surveys for any of the main purposes may be run on the web or the web used as an alternative means of data collection in parallel with more conventional survey methods.

In addition, and because it is such a major marketing tool, it has its own research requirements, to make sure that it is doing its job.

The internet is international by nature and web surveys can be localised in the same way as any of our surveys run by conventional means. We have run surveys which require special character sets, such as Cyrillic, Chinese and Turkish as well as all the European languages and worldwide variants, such as Brazilian Portuguese and Venezuelan Spanish - some studies have been run in as many as 15 languages.

         MPG International is the market research division of Info-e