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 Why use an Agency

Most marketing executives will have learned and used the basics of market research and many companies will have a research department with the skills and resources to design and procure projects or even run projects in-house. The main advantages of using an agency like MPG International are:

  • rather like consultants, we have regular experience of a wide range of research techniques and business models and can keep up-to-date with changing methods which means that we are alert to the possibilities and can design projects to meet the real information needs
  • we have dedicated resources and proprietary procedures for implementing projects, which means that our testing and administration of projects is efficient and our clients do not have to divert resources from other activities
  • we have a wide range of statistical tools to apply and because we are using them regularly, we can effectively seek greater insight into the data
  • Respondents can be confident that we will will keep all data confidential and there is no risk that the data will be mis-used. This is possibly one of the most important issues today as people become ever more suspicious of information being diverted to selling operations
  • an international capability means that projects can be localised as required

The content of this web site is intended to cover a wide range of the issues surrounding the design and application of research and by doing so, we hope that we will have demonstrated that MPG International has all the skills and resources available to meet your research needs.

         MPG International is the market research division of Info-e