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 Putting the Brief Together

The purpose of the research brief is to enable the research company to work out the best methodology to use, the likely scale of the project, the accessibility of the sample and to work out the costs. It should include a clear statement of the objectives and any ideas you may have had whilst thinking through your requirements.

Of course, we will keep strictly confidential anything you tell us and we may need to clarify some of the information before drafting a proposal.

You may use the on-line briefing tool to send us the basic information or e-mail your brief, but before you do so, consider some of the information that will help us to develop a proposal that should meet your needs. If you don't yet know, that doesn't matter, we can suggest an approach as a basis for discussion and work together to develop the proposal. The subjects to consider are:

  • what will the information be used for
  • who do you want in the sample and do you have contact details
  • do you have any preference for methodology
  • what subject matter should it cover
  • what demographic information is required
  • timescale of the project
  • contact details

Your enquiry will be sent in the first instance to David Elliott, Managing Director who you should contact in the event of any query.

If you wish to send a message, please click here.

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