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 Research Basics

The techniques and methods used for research have evolved over the years as different methods of communication and data collection have emerged and statistical tools have been developed. These require a level of technical understanding to use them to their full potential and enable information to be obtained and extracted from the data to really help the decision process.

In the sub-sections of this part of our web site, we have endeavoured to cover a wide range of issues:

  • from some of the business basics that we use as a paradigm for focussing the research on the real needs of the business,
  • through some of the decisions that have to be made about how the research may be operated
  • and to some of the statistical techniques that can help get more out of the data.

This means that we can advise on research methods which should provide the best information for your needs and implement projects to a successful outcome.

         MPG International is the market research division of Info-e