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 Advertising Recall


We have an approach for tracking advertising and editorial recall - SAM (Subscriber Attention Measurement) is a research technique for measuring readers’ awareness of advertising and editorial in publications. SAM studies are designed to help marketing professionals achieve optimum results from their advertising budget by indicating how well an advertisement is reaching the audience and whether it is fulfilling the basic requirements of an ad.

For advertising, it supplements other advertising research techniques by providing an economical tracking system for measuring the comparative awareness of ads in an issue of a publication and how well it performs against effectiveness criteria. If run regularly, it can track trends in awareness of specific ads and over time and, as a database is built, ad norms provide a benchmark for ad performance. The advantages for advertisers and their agencies, is that they can compare the effectiveness of their advertising relative to other ads in the same issue, which is a significant measure of the marketing effort achieved by the advertising campaign.

Editors are able to determine the relative popularity of different types of articles and features to provide valuable information for editorial planning and subscription or circulation development.

The studies may be conducted by various means:

  • the traditional approach - by which coupons are attached to the ads/articles in a duplicate copy of the magazine/newspaper, sent to the respondent, completed and returned

  • in print - by which a questionnaire is developed listing the ads/articles with or without images of the ad/article and which may be sent to the respondent or included in-issue. By including an image of the ad/article the study is thereby prompted and is more comparable to the traditional methodology. Unprompted questionnaires may provide results that are inconsistent with typical results and are not really advised unless this is the only practicable approach

  • on-line - in which each ad/article is presented in turn, prompted, with an image

It can also offer advertisers the opportunity to ask readers proprietary questions, enabling them to measure the perceptions of their company or its products as formed by the advertising message or creative treatment.

This service is frequently offered by publishers as a free service to their advertisers and publishers may use it as part of their own marketing activities to advertisers and their agencies.

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