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  Specialist Media Services

The original founding partners were both senior marketing executives from the international business press and this has enabled them to develop specialist products and services to meet the needs of publishing clients - this means that we understand your business and your opportunities for business development.

Key issues in publishing include:

  • Reader profiling: who is reading the publication and why - and how does this benefit the advertisers
  • Advertiser studies: on behalf of advertising clients, studies on campaign effectiveness or brand positioning
  • Product development: product repositioning and editorial evaluation for focussing on readers needs and subsequent circulation development
  • New product development/feasibility studies: for new publications/titles.
  • Advertising recall studies: SAM Studies for monitoring advertising awareness
  • New publishing technologies: especially Web publishing, where there the outlook is for major strategic upheaval and structural change for the industry.
  • Business development: product image with advertisers and their agencies
  • International experience: enables us to run global studies with appropriate localisation and using local languages.

Of course, publishers are also businesses and may have research requirements for strategic purposes or marketing effectiveness and internal employee research.

Our work here has focussed on international business publishing, financial publishing, technology publishing and other B2B sectors, but also includes a wide range of other markets.

         MPG International is the market research division of Info-e