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Market research is undertaken to help you run your business, either for business development or to improve operational efficiency. It can provide information that is just not available from elsewhere to assist with your business decisions. The general philosophy of MPG International is to use our experience in business planning and marketing along, with our skills and resources, to obtain the information that will really help our clients make their essential decisions. With a background in strategic planning, we can contribute to in-depth planning where necessary, and develop an approach for our clients to compete successfully.

Research may be used to help determine business strategy or evaluate your marketing effectiveness and indicate how you may best compete. It may reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your brand position and that of your peer group. It can show how things are changing so that they may be anticipated with appropriate actions. It can help consolidate the business intelligence already within your organisation. Follow the links in “Research is for …” to review a wide range of applications.

There are a wide range of research techniques and technical issues that can affect the research project, from sample design, through encouraging participation to statistical analysis techniques. Follow the links in “Research Basics” and see "How to prepare a brief" to see which issues need to be considered.

A research company such as MPG International will have the experience, skills, tools, resources and independence to run research projects so that they are both an efficient use of your budget and most likely to achieve your research aims. Follow the links in “Our Experience” to review the benefits, understand why you should use a research company, see where our specialist skills lie and some of our clients.

This is all by way of background, so do please contact us and let us respond to your particular information needs. Either send a general enquiry, or if you have a project brief, submit it on our enquiry form or attach it to an e-mail - see “Contacts”.

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